Our Core Expertise - TOOLSS™

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Hours of Leadership coaching

Hours of Organizational Development Company

Hours of Leadership Assessment Experience

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Our Delivery Methodology


Virtual/ In- Person Instructor Led Training

These are highly intense workshops facilitated by experienced and certified trainers where participants explore, apply and reflect on various tools & techniques related to the competencies/behaviours in focus



Micro Learning Units / Learning Nugget

These are bite sized offline and online learning tools that engage and inspire participants. They can leverage on these learning nuggets anytime through any device. These include simulations, gamifications, infographics, videos and social media



Individual / Group Coaching Connects

These coaching connects encourage exchange of real time experiences between peers or through a one on one facilitated by a certified coach. The events and learning of the journey are observed to shape the road map to progress.



Experience and Capability Labs:

These labs are designed to provide focused practice to the participants by using contextually relevant scenarios which are structured as group sessions, enabling participants to discover meaningful ways to ingrain the learnings, & also learn from each other.

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In The News

Reverse Migration Tendency ​

In a recent survey by Indeed, close to half (46%) of the 1200 employees surveyed believed that this trend of reverse migration is temporary. Most attributed their return to temporary factors such as the duration for which they can avail WFH (29%) or until the pandemic has been controlled (24%) with only 9% saying they will stay on in their native places permanently.

3 Key Initiatives for Wellbeing Of Employees

Amidst the second wave of the pandemic, organizations have extended support to help the employees and their dependents to ensure the employees stay fit and stress-free during this turbulent time. 3 practical takes by few companies are:

a) Shorter work weeks and extended WFH period

(b) Virtual Health and Fitness Sessions and

(c) Financial Aids and Insurance Policy to impacted families.

How to blend D&I into Job Descriptions?

First, Decode your JDs with online tools to identify words that curtail your chances of hiring diverse talent.

Second, Use Gender Neutral words, avoid words that are associated usually to masculinity or being feminine.

And thirdly, highlight the policy that your organization has instituted.

2 Steps to beat Unconscious Bias

Firstly, Bring certified trainers to point out blind spots and call out practices that is hard to see
Second, Blind Resume Reviews, where gender, personal information are concealed while screening. It has surprised recruiters on how it impacts positively their hiring metrics!