Our Birth Story

” A few like minded and ambitious entrepreneurs came together in the year 2013 to form an organization with a vision to groom talent in the three critical domains, that of students, teachers and professionals as Talent Farm Management Solutions.. After having worked actively for some time, Talent Farm Management Solutions was going dormant, due to paucity of attention from the founders.
With a client base, intellectual base and a good reputation, it was acquired by a another team of experienced professionals who then identified and realigned the vision of this organization to focus on the Mechanics of Human Transformation i.e. help organizations align behaviors of their Human resource to their vision and goals by tweaking the Nuts and Bolts of the human mind.
Thus was born Nuts & Bolts in 2020 and thus began the metamorphosis of Talent Farm Management Solutions into Nuts & Bolts Consulting.” 

Our Vision

To Integrate innovation, skill and capability building to empower our clients harness people potential and help them build capabilities and in accelerating peoples’ performances. To become a Global enterprise and make a sustainable impact on their business and growth.

Our Mission

To be the best and most sought after Transformation partners to our clients and make a positive difference.

Our Purpose Statement

We understand that Organizations want Outstanding Business Results, however, they come with broad 2 challenges:  

  • Understanding a set of often complex relationships between critical organizational elements to unlock great organizational performance. 
  • As organizations seek innovative ways to increase productivity and profitability in dynamic and complex market conditions, they also seek to meet and exceed the expectations of employees. Our purpose is to co-create solutions and wade through these challenges with our clients to meet their objectives and celebrate successes together.